Gem Research Institute of Switzerland (GIS for short), first established in Switzerland in the 1980s, is a subsidiary of the Swiss Federal Institute for material testing and development (EMPA; Eidgenössische Materialprüfunds-und Forschungsanstalt). By analyzing the chemical composition, physical characteristics and natural causes of natural gemstones, combined with the most advanced gem cultivation technology, GIS has made remarkable achievements in the field of Gemology and Materials Technology.

The main research fields of Swiss gem Research Institute include gem geology, crystallography and mineralogy, petrology, Fundamentals of gemology, jewelry and jade identification, gem synthesis and optimization, introduction to jewelry evaluation, diamond identification and grading experiment, gem testing technology, etc.

Swiss gem research institute attaches great importance to international scientific research cooperation. Since its establishment, it has established and maintained close teaching and research cooperation and exchanges with international mainstream jewelry institutions. At present, it has established scientific and technological cooperation and academic exchanges with jewelry education institutions of world-famous universities such as Birmingham Jewelry Academy (BIAD) in the UK, Insec Higher Business School (INSEEC) in France, National Gem Institute (ING) , American Gem Institute (GIA) in the United States and so on.  

Since 2000, GIS has begun to cooperate with important gemological institutions in the world to manufacture cultivated gemstones with the same appearance, chemical composition and crystal structure as natural gemstones through certain technologies and processes; Through trace element analysis, laser scanning technology, the latest spectroscopy technology and a huge database, we have successfully carried out accurate color and cutting classification of natural and cultivated gemstones. This achievement in applied gemology has not been surpassed by peers in the academic community. This makes the gem color and cutting classification certificate issued by GIS have an authoritative position in the international jewelry market.

At present, the certificate services they provide to the society include:

1. Identification of gemstones and jades not inlaid.
2. Identification and grading of gemstones and diamonds.
3. Classification of inlaid diamonds (including classification of inlaid colored diamonds).
4. Value evaluation of gemstones and gem jewelry.

5. Advanced cutting and inlaying technology of gemstones.

Gem identification certificates provided by GIS support global online inquiry.

Swiss gem Research Institute is willing to sincerely cooperate and share resources with colleagues in the industry, strive to explore more advanced gem technology, develop first-class production and processing technology, and contribute its own strength to the construction of a scientific and fair jewelry trading market.